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It is hard to believe that August is already upon us. Following the month of July, which is traditionally a month for the lodge to go dark except for the stated meeting, August symbolically is the beginning of the of the final months of our lodge's year. I promise that we will be very busy with lodge activities for the balance of the year.

In August we will initiate a new brother. It is my belief that this is one of the most profound activities in all of Freemasonry. If you haven't been to lodge for a while, come on down and show this brother-to-be your support as he takes his first step into Masonry.

On August 20th, we will be having one of our biggest events of the year. It has become a tradition at Oakland Durant Rockridge lodge over the years to have this reception for our Grand Master and other grand lodge officers at this time of the year to get acquainted with them as well as present the Grand Master with a donation on behalf of our lodge. This year this event will be different than we have ever done it in the past. We are holding the event on the USS Hornet located in Alameda. In addition to a great dinner in the ship's ward room, we will be able to tour the ship and even have a chance to check out the flight simulator they have on it. The Hornet has a great history and I'm sure you will find the evening to be very enjoyable.

Our stated meeting dinner for August will feature recognition of and a presentation by members of DeMolay. I am proud of our Masonic youth and look forward to their report. As a lodge, I believe we should support our youth in any way possible. Also, as usual, we will have a very tasty catered diner before our stated meeting.

One of the basic tenants of Freemasonry is charity. I encourage all of our brothers to consider making a contribution to our Masonic charities. It's easy to do if you have access to the Internet. Go to our grand lodge website at www.freemason.org and you can make a contribution there. I choose to sign up for a small monthly contribution that "adds up" at the end of the year. Others prefer to make a one time contribution. Either way, don't forget our Masonic charities.

Looking forward to great Masonic brotherhood in the month of August.

Ed Stevenson
Master, 2016

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Grand Master's Dinner
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August 20, 2016
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