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The month of February is already upon us. We start out the month with a Friday Second Degree. While I try to avoid scheduling Friday degrees, occasionally it become a necessity.

February is also a great time for us to reflect on many of the great Masons who have contributed so much to the success of this great nation. George Washing- ton, a Master Mason from Virginia, did much to free us from tyranny and so much to rid us of monarchy. So many other Masons were involved in our founding. The principles of Freemasonry can be found in our Declaration of Independence and in our Constitution. Let us remember, in these troubled times, that if we fall back on Masonic teaching to ground us, we shall find a clearer path and a calmer path.

As an added tool, PGM Russ Charvonia has brought the concepts of Civility to a greater focus and through the Civility Center has provided us with many tools to aid us in accomplishing our goals.

At the end of this month, on Saturday, February 25, we will be having our annual Pancake Breakfast, raising money for many af the programs at Claremont Middle School.

This event is a great partnership between our Lodge, the Rockridge District Association and the Claremont Middle School. My special thanks go out to Ed Stevenson, who came up with this idea, to Ben Newsom for his pancake flipping skills and to Gordon Emberton, who usually is in charge of pushing the brethren in the dining room. We need us many of you as are available to make this event a success once again.

Sincerely and Fraternally.

Tim World, P.M.
Master, 2017

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